How to activate TPM 2.0 — Windows 11 issue

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A couple of days ago I was tempted to upgrade to Windows 11, and I checked the updates available for my Windows installation. I realised that I was unable to update to Windows 11 due to not having enabled TPM 2.0 in my Windows installation. After facing this issue I decided to write a little bit about this topic and explain what I did in order to fix this issue.

What is TPM 2.0?

TPM(Trusted Platform Module) is a component responsible for cryptographic operations, these play an important role in anti-tampering mechanisms, keeping your computer safer. Throughout the years there were different versions of the TPM, currently, the most recent version is the 2.0.

How to enable TPM through BIOS

Now that we got a little glimpse of what TPM is, we can see an example of where to find this configuration. Be aware that the naming used to describe the TPM configuration can differ on your setup, on this example I’m using an AMD chipset, if this is your case, likely the naming will be the same.

1- Enter the BIOS of your system;

2- Go to the “Advanced” tab:

3- Click on “AMD fTPM configuration”:

4- Choose “Discrete TPM”, read the notice, and if you are okay with it exit the BIOS menu saving your changes.

5- After these steps, you should be able to see TPM enabled on your device.


On my setup, this was the major issue faced while trying to update to Windows 11, it gave me the opportunity to understand a little bit of this component and the different use cases where it can be used. The TPM configurations can be presented with different namings, in this case, this should be grouped under security-related configurations.

Thanks for your time reading this story, hope it helped you!




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Xavier Alves

Software Engineer | Learning new things

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