How to install docker in the raspberry pi zero manually


To develop the projects I like to setup a Linux VM where I can configure all the needed dependencies(IDE, java versions, etc…) so that later on I can simply delete this VM if something goes wrong. Therefore, the first step was to connect through ssh to the raspberry pi using windows(through USB using putty), after this was accomplished, I shared the network from the raspberry pi interface to the Linux VM allowing me to manage the raspberry pi from the VM.

Install Docker Manually

For installing docker manually I was first required to download the packages required manually, and I selected the following versions:

  • docker-ce 19.03.7~3–0-raspian-buster
  • docker-ce-cli 19.03.7~3–0-raspian-buster
scp -r <folder_to_copy> pi@<raspberry-pi_ip>:/home/pi/Desktop
sudo dpkg -i containerd.io_1.2.13-1_armhf.debsudo dpkg -i docker-ce-cli_19.03.7_3–0_raspbian-buster_armhf.debsudo dpkg -i docker-ce_19.03.7_3–0_raspbian-buster_armhf.deb
sudo usermod -aG docker $USERnewgrp docker

Install everything faster

These are just a few steps but if you want to do this faster I have a little repository with these packages and two bash scripts. One to install and the other to remove docker in case you want to uninstall it. The repo can be found here.

sudo ./
sudo ./


And that’s it! :) I faced some issues regarding the incompatibility issues due to the architecture of the raspberry and also some known issues of some versions, so I decided to share the walkthrough in case anyone else wishes to accomplish something similar. This is also my first story on Medium, in case you realised I should improve doing something, feel free to reach out to me!




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